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Robert Pellegriti

There’s a lot of authenticity amongst us all, we are here for the right reasons building a great culture, everybody has such a positive mindset determined to be more, it’s infectious. Al's created a platform for Dads to be better men, better husbands and better Fathers. It’s taken me to a new level, my family feel blessed as well because of who i've become. The best thing I’ve ever done, it’s changed my life, thank you Al.

Paul Garratt

Al has been a major part of my life for the last 12 months, i've got time back, my family back and i'm energised again. It's improved how I live and how I perform through losing weight and having better energy levels, I know how important it is for me and my life moving forward. I was lucky enough that through our conversation, Al gave me the opportunity to be here and I’m grateful for it.

David Weir

For years I had been pursuing business success at great personal expense.

I've always considered myself to be a high performer but over time my performance was gradually sliding due to fatigue. In typical hard headed bloke-like style, I pushed even harder for high performance, hoping I would find my groove again.

It wasn't happening so to make up for my shortfall in performance I started stealing time from other areas of my life. As a result, my relationship with my wife and kids began to decline along with my personal health.

At Christmas in 2019, I was completely exhausted mentally and my body had become a physical manifestation of my situation, with a string of health issues. I desperately needed to change.

Fast forward a little over a year and I have energy again and I'm in complete control of the chaos of life.

I was given a powerful tool kit, wealth of wisdom and knowledge along with the support of Al, the Coaches and the Tribe of men within RDM that are all seeking the same outcome. It takes work.

You'll find no free rides here. But I can assure you that the effort required is definitely worth the reward.
"Since joining RDM my whole outlook in life has changed..."
"RDM Saved My Qualify of Life And My Family Connection"
"My energy levels are high and I'm more organised"
"RDM Opened up new opportunities for me"
"This is the best decision I have ever made"
"Time, Control, Energy, and Improve Family Life"
"I have been winning daily ever since "
"I've gained at least 2 hours per day back "
"My relationship with my boys is at an all time high"
I'm more productive with family training and working
I get back about 2-3 hours extra per day
I'm stronger, healthier, and a happier man
Matt - Lost over 15kg with more confidence and energy than ever.
Rick - Fittest he's been in decades cutting bad habits and living life.
Chris - Survived a heart attack and now in the best shape of his life
Paul - Lost over 20kg and claiming his life back.
Luke - Panthers Premiership winner and RDM Performance Coach
Alex - Lost over 15kg and every aspect of life improves.
Mick - Lost over 15kg and connected more than ever with his wife.
Pete - Now a Support Coach in RDM and dominating.
Tony - Over 20kg lighter and a higher level of self belief

Want More Proof Of Fathers Lives Transformed?

Mike - Lost over 30kg and turned his life around.
Adam - Dropped over 14kg and is a better husband, father and man for it.
Marty - After losing 30kg+ he has become an incredible man and father.
Grant - Dropped 5kg of Fat, gained 2kg of muscle with more energy than ever.
James - Gave up the habits and excuses that pulled him down, fitter and healthier than ever.
Tony - Lost 10kg in 4 weeks, better connection with his wife and now the whole family is onboard.
Zach - Lost 7kg of Fat, work is better family is happier and he feels young again.
Chris - Lost 4kg of Fat, put muscle on all whilst travelling round the country with his family.
Quentin - Lost of 10kg of Fat, young and rejuvenated now doing CrossFit type workouts over 50yrs of age.
Chris - Even as a 'fit' man he realised the importance of personalized coaching and a team environment for total well-being.
Aaron - Lost nearly 10kg and is now injury free after 15yrs of crippling back issues doctors and surgeons just wanted to operate on with no guarantee.
Peter - Lost over 5kg, got his first pull-up feeling rejuvenated and ready for life beyond 50 with more energy than ever.
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